Outstanding Landmarks of Northumbria, England

Many people have a crush on extraordinary tourisms in the most special counties of the United Kingdom. They are willing to visit Northumbria in England and take pleasure in every tourist place in this county.  They are eager to gain knowledge about the history of the Kingdom of Northumbria. This kingdom was formed by Ethelfrith in Anglo Saxon times.  The following details explain you tourist places in Northumbria otherwise known as Northumberland in England.

The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden is the most beautiful public garden in Northumbria. The main attractions of this garden are distinctive features, the most magnificent architecture and attractively landscaped gardens. People who fall in love with gardening nowadays are keen to visit this garden and enhance their proficiency about gardening.

WhiteHouse Farm Centre

WhiteHouse Farm Centre is located just a few miles away from outside Morpeth. More than a few genres of animals in this farm centre make every visitor surprised and satisfied. You can spend your day with your beloved friends or family members. You will get the best support to know focus on animals from traditional breeds. More than a few exotic and unusual species here give memorable experiences to all visitors.

Barter Books     

Barter Books is one of the most renowned book shops in the United Kingdom. This book shop is located in the old railway station of the town.  Visitors to this book shop understand why this book shop is described and known as the British Library of Second Hand Books.

Farne Islands

Fans of Islands from around the world like to explore a group of islands namely the Farne Islands in Northumbria. More than 15 islands in this county make tourists happier than ever.  The main islands are available in the Inner Group include, but not limited to the East and West Wideopens, Inner Farne and Knoxes Reef. You can explore attractive elements in islands of Outer Group like North and South Wamses, Brownsman, Staple island, Longstone and Big Harcar.


Visitors to Woodhorn Colliery Museum nowadays called as Woodhorn get the maximum support for enhancing their proficiency about the lives of workers in coal mines and original equipment and buildings of former colliery.  They are surprised when they take note of a winding house, head frames and other engine houses.  They will be encouraged to visit this museum again and look at a permanent collection of the most distinctive art from Ashington Group.  You can visit this museum with your family members and get memorable experiences.

Bamburgh Castle          

As a Grade 1 listed building in Northumbria, England these days, Bamburgh Castle grasps the attention of every tourist in this county.  The most excellent air quality level makes this castle out of the ordinary.  The main reason behind this air quality is the absence of every industrial source in this region.

Visitors here get the best support to visit the Armstrong and Aviation Artifacts Museum. They identify most distinctive elements like engines, aviation artifacts, weaponry and other things used in two world wars.

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